Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles 

Corey R. Payne (2020). “War and Workers’ Power in the United States: Labor Struggles in War-Provisioning Industries, 1993-2016,” Journal of Labor and Society. Vol. 23, Issue 1: 111-130.

Roberto Patricio Korzeniewicz & Corey R. Payne. (2019). “Sugar, Slavery, and Creative Destruction: World-Magnates and ‘Coreification’ in the Longue-Durée,” Journal of World-Systems Research. Vol. 25, Issue 2: 395-419.

Winner of the 2020 Distinguished Article Award, Political Economy of the World-System (PEWS) Section of the American Sociological Association

Book Chapters

Beverly J. Silver & Corey R. Payne. (2020). “Crises of World Hegemony and the Speeding Up of Social History” in Hegemony and World Order: Reimagining Power in Global Politics, P. Dutkiewicz, T. Casier, & J.A. Scholte, eds. Routledge.

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Portuguese translation. Beverly J. Silver & Corey R. Payne. (2021). “Crises de Hegemonia e Aceleração da História Social,” Reoriente: estudos sobre marxismo, dependência e sistemas-mundo. Vol. 1, No. 1: 26-43.

Corey R. Payne (Forthcoming). “Delinking from the Warfare-Welfare Paradigm: Militarism, Emancipation, and Social Compact Unravelling in the United States” in De-Linking: Critical Thought and Radical Politics, M. Boatca, ed. London: Routledge.

Roberto Patricio Korzeniewicz and Corey R. Payne. (2021). “Spatial Transformations in World-Historical Perspective: Towards Mapping the Space and Time of Wealth Accumulation,” in Spatial Transformations: Kaleidoscopic Perspectives on the Refiguration of Spaces, Angela Million, Christian Haid, Ignacio Castillo Ulloa, and Nina Baur, eds., Routledge.

Roberto Patricio Korzeniewicz & Corey R. Payne. (2020). “Rethinking Core and Periphery in Historical Capitalism: World-Magnates and The Shifting Epicenters of Wealth Accumulation,” in Mielants, E., & Katsiaryna, S.B., eds., Economic Cycles and Social Movements: Past, Present and Future. London: Routledge.

Portuguese translation. Roberto Patricio Korzeniewicz & Corey R. Payne. (2020). “Repensando o centro e a periferia no capitalismo histórico: “magnatas-mundo” e os epicentros mutáveis,” in Repensando o Trabalho, as Desigualdades e as Hierarquias: O Sistema-mundo no seculo XXI, Roberto Goulart Menezes, Antonio Brussi, & Jales Dantas da Costa, ed., Editoria Universidade de Brasilia.

Daniel S. Pasciuti and Corey R. Payne. (2017). “Illusion in Crisis? World-Economic and Zonal Volatility, 1975-2013,” in The World-System as Unit of Analysis: Past Contributions and Future Advances, Korzeniewicz, R.P., ed. London: Routledge, pp. 50-64. (Online Appendices)

Reviews and Other Publications

Corey R. Payne. (2021). “Review of: Pacifying the Homeland: Intelligence Fusion and Mass Supervision by Brendan McQuade,” Journal of World-Systems Research. Vol. 27, Issue 2. 586-589.

Corey R. Payne. (2020). “Review of: First-Class Passengers on a Sinking Ship: Elite Politics and the Decline of Great Powers by Richard Lachmann,” Journal of World-Systems Research. Vol. 26, Issue 2. 424-427.

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Corey R. Payne. (2019). “Review of The Great Leveler: Violence and the History of Inequality from the Stone Age to the Twenty-First Century by Walter Scheidel,” Journal of World-Systems Research. Vol. 25, Issue 1.

Corey R. Payne. (2016). “The School of Subcontracting,” Jacobin Magazine. October 25.

Commentary (Partial List)

The Militarization of Johns Hopkins Exposes a Nationwide Trend,” in Truthout. April 5, 2019. (Co-authored by Steph Saxton).

“Johns Hopkins’ “troubled history” with Baltimore disqualifies its private police proposal,” on Medium. February 27, 2019. (Picked up by The Baltimore Brew).

JHU efforts to cut a union company raises doubts about its commitment to Baltimore,” in The Baltimore Sun. July 29, 2016. (Co-authored by Gray Hargrove and Chase Alston).