Articles and Book Chapters

Pasciuti, Daniel S. and Corey R. Payne. 2018. Illusion in Crisis? World-Economic and Zonal Volatility, 1975-2013,” in The World-System as Unit of Analysis: Past Contributions and Future Advances edited by Roberto Patricio Korzeniewicz. London, England: Routledge, pp. 50-64. (Online Appendices)

Selected Opinion and Analysis

Hopkins Must Break with ICE — Now,” in The Baltimore Sun. July 19, 2018. (With Mira Wattal and Emeline Armitage).

The School of Subcontracting,” in Jacobin Magazine. October 25, 2016.

JHU efforts to cut a union company raises doubts about its commitment to Baltimore,” in The Baltimore Sun. July 29, 2016. (With Grace Hargrove and Chase Alston).

Reentry Through Resistance,” in CounterPunch Magazine. May 31, 2016.

After the Blockade,” in Jacobin Magazine. April 8, 2016.